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Rungu - Midnattsol Via Ferrata
Lavangen –  Troms og Finnmark – Northern Norway 

Completion: July 2023

Planning, project management and construction: Via Ferrata Experts

Routes designed by Ivo Rabanser

The Midnattsol Via Ferrata (Via Ferrata of the midnight sun) is currently the northernmost via ferrata in the world. For the team responsible (consisting of two mountain guides and two fitters), planning and implementing this via ferrata was the most significant challenge in the company's eventful history. Luggage did not get loaded on the outbound flight, and a strike in Germany, the vaunted land of accuracy meant that it only arrived in Norway a day before departure. As a result, the team only had half the safety equipment. Obtaining the missing material turned out to be an impossibility. Andrea, the female team member who worked as a fitter, had to work in her street shoes for two days in light rain. The company took over the construction of the Midnattsol Via Ferrata from an Austrian company. Unfortunately, upon arrival in Tennevoll, nobody knew precisely where the Via Ferrata was supposed to go. Erik, a helpful farmer, and entrepreneur who commissioned the climb, couldn't help either.

After the team spent a whole day looking for the start, route-setter Ivo spent another day trying to determine the best route. There was no predetermined start or exit, and the terrain beneath the Spanstinden mountain was so brittle that the Ferrata Experts team came close to abandoning the venture. Eventually, everyone agreed that the route should go on the southeast facing arête. Ivo did a lot of scaling and cleaned the terrain with great effort and a long lifting pole while Mauro, Christjan, and Andrea drilled the necessary holes, glued in anchor pins and steps, and finally tightened the steel cable. Every day, the group of four had to climb the "Midnattsoltrappa," the staircase of the midnight sun ( first, 2217 steps every morning, and then descend again via the already-installed sections of the Via Ferrata to get to work. After more than two weeks, there was a Via Ferrata in the municipality of Lavangen. The Midnattsol Via Ferrata meanders steeply and daringly up along the southeast arête but never exceeds difficulty C. In the end, the project is impressive: a successful via ferrata, despite all the challenges during the exhausting construction phase.

Variant Stuller-Wasserfall Via Ferrata
Moos in Passeier – South Tyrol –Italy

Completion: May 2023

Project management: Via Ferrata Experts

Route designed by Erwin Mairginter

In the low-snow winter of 2023, the existing difficult variant in the upper part of the Stuller Wasserfall via ferrata was supplemented with two more sections and a total of 250 meters of steel cable installed, creating an independent, connected ascent next to the existing via ferrata. The route partly leads through overhanging rock formations and is exceedingly exhausting in sections. The customer is the Tourist Association of Passeier, which has created a great alternative to the Stuller Waterfall via ferrata. People considering this challenging variant, which they can exit in two places, should have a good portion of climbing experience and sufficient strength. A retreat, especially from the middle section, is a significantly challenging accomplishment.

Knott Via Ferrata - Extension
Unterstell –  Naturnser Sonnenberg – South Tyrol –Italy