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SEIK Tower Ferrata

The via ferrata park “SEIK Tower Ferrata” is a free-standing structure that does not require any additional guy wires for anchoring and therefore needs only a modest amount of space.


The height of the via ferrata park lies between 10 to a maximum of 40 meters; a minimum of two 10 meter masts are required for the smallest edition of a park. The structure can be manufactured according to the client's wishes but follows the basic idea of a via ferrata. The climber will be secured to a steel cable that is anchored to the individual steel towers per the same European DIN 16869 standard for the construction of a via ferrata upon rock.


Artificial handholds and steps, as well as steel clamps, ladders, and “Steigbaum” ladders, are just a few of the elements that enable an ascent. Single or multi-rope bridges, sky ladders, and zip lines can be tensioned between the individual towers.


Automatic descenders enable climbers to get off the various platforms and descend without outside help. The via ferrata park tour can be offered as a guided event, but climbing is also possible without a supervisor after a basic introduction by the park staff.


The color of the towers, which are anchored directly into the ground according to the specifications of a geologist, can be individually chosen. For the construction of a "SEIK Tower Ferrata" park, knowledge of the wind activity in the area in which the park is to be built is critical for calculating the exact depth needed for the anchors.

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